The CoVid Data App

Daily Corona Virus Updates


The Most Detailed

  • Free Local Updates on the Corona Virus

Global & Local Data

All the information in one place.

We collect information from dozens of sources and make it available in one always available app.

Features of the App

  • Daily World Data
  • List of Countries
  • Individual Country Data
  • All Fifty US States
  • Local County Data
  • Updated CoVid News
  • Current Tips and Links

Stay Safe and Healthy

Flattening the Curve and stopping the spread of the Corona Virus is crucial.

Please use the data from the app to keep informed and make wise decisions. We will get through this together.

Wash Hands
Clean Surfaces
Wear Masks
Cover Coughs
Stay Home

Important Tips

Social Distancing and Staying at Home are important tools in stopping the spread of the virus. The app is regularly updated with new Tips and Links.

Privacy & Feedback

The CoVid Data App does not request or track personal user data to use the app. We do not control the Third Party links provided in the News and Tips. Accurate and relevant information is important in these times. We'd like to hear from you on how we can make the app better.

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